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Want 2019 to be your best year ever? Take action now

As you reflect on your year in golf, ask yourself these questions: Was 2018 a good year on the golf course for you? Did you achieve what you set out to? Were your expectations met? What can you learn from this year? Reflection is a vital piece of the jigsaw if you are to take […]

Try this two-ball drill to improve your putting

Gary Nicol and Karl Morris are co-authors of the best-selling book The Lost Art Of Putting, so who better to give us some insight into how to improve our game on the greens? The first of a series of eight instruction videos from Archerfield is about line and pace… Bradshaw’s Balls This is a drill […]

What is your skid and roll ratio?

How can Trackman performance software help you improve your putting? Gary Nicol is joined by Trackman expert Matt Wiley at Archerfield Links to talk through a few of the parameters that will help you improve on the greens. The first aspect they look at is skid and roll. Skid and roll numbers can vary massively […]

There is more than one way to hole a putt

Do you only see the ball going in the hole one way? We join Gary Nicol up at Archerfield Links to show you that you are limiting to yourself to just one option when putting. Gary explains in the below visual that there is actually room for three golf balls to go in the hole […]

Does the ball roll at a constant speed when putting?

What are your initial thoughts when stood over a putt? If you are focusing on the start line we would strongly advise that you rethink that strategy. Gary Nicol is on hand to explain how to improve your putting, with the help of Trackman Performance software. “If you focus on the last few feet of […]

Why it’s so important to hit your putts out the centre

How much do off-centre strikes with your putter affect the roll? We join Gary Nicol up at Archerfield for some putting tips using Trackman software to validate the data. “What do you use an alignment aid on your putter for? Many amateurs use the alignment aid to simply line up the ball, but forget that […]

Where do you look to find out the contours of a green?

We’ve all the seen or played with the guy who looks at every putt from every angle right? What is he looking for? Basically, clues that will lead him to make a decision on how hard to hit his putt and what line to hit it on. Line and pace.  We don’t recommend that you study every putt […]

Line and pace

Which is more important in putting? Think carefully about your answer. The majority of coaching, instruction and training aids, devices and gadgets tend to focus on or obsess about two things: What we as golfers need to do with our body and with our putter.   Aim and start line. We have to get the start line right. […]