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Thoughtful Thursday: What does 2022 hold for you?

With The Masters only a few short weeks away, thoughts are turning towards the season ahead for golfers around the world. What does 2022 hold for you, both on and off the golf course? Do you have dreams and ambitions for what you would like to achieve? This may sound a little presumptuous but if […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Reflection before projection

Now that the summer season is underway, I’m sure you’re all looking forward to what lies ahead during the coming months. I’m sure many of you will have written down your goals and targets and thinking about what you want to achieve in 2022. While I am a great believer in looking to the future […]

Who are you scoring for?

It may seem a strange question to ask about your game, but it is one we would like you to consider. Who are you scoring for?  Over the years we have seen so many players (including ourselves), fall into the trap of confusing golf as something you are, as opposed to something you do. When […]

What is the true potential of your short game?

The power of perspective can give your short game the freedom to become unrecognisably different in the future  What could YOU focus on that would give you more enjoyment, regardless of the score? What do you need to learn, which if you did, would have the biggest impact on your game? Really consider the questions […]

How do you know which shot to play – and when?

Shot selection is a fundamental element of the short game. How often are you selecting the right shot at the right time?  For the vast majority of golfers, statistically, the most important shot on most holes isn’t necessarily the tee shot or approach shot but the third shot. That might come as a bit of a surprise […]

How should you approach your next short game shot?

How to be task-orientated – and ensure that every time you step into a bunker you are ready to embrace the task at hand  For as long as we can remember, we have been told that the 40-yard bunker shot is the hardest shot in golf – and because we have all been told it is […]

How can you stop your short game ruining your score?

You have the power to control the destiny of your short game. By doing so, the outcomes might just change for the better    Think about when you play golf and you are very score focused. You want to make lots of pars and some birdies and above all, avoid bogeys and doubles. That is your focus. To […]

The Golf Improvement Podcast

Gary Nicol and Karl Morris joined The Golf Improvement Podcast to talk about why they decided to write this third book in what has been a very successful “Lost Art” book series. Click here to listen

How can you transform your bunker play?

Let’s begin the journey of transforming the way you approach shots from the sand  Without getting overly technical, we believe there are a few basic fundamentals that should be applied to achieve bunker brilliance. There are no absolutes as everyone is different but having studied and spoken to some of the best bunker players ever, there are definitely […]