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Winter Putting Training: Part 3

What is your vision for 2020? Pun intended. Do you have targets and goals? Are they realistic and achievable? All too often, I hear golfers of all levels setting targets and goals for the coming season. They generally relate to a reduction in handicap, winning the club championship, representing their county or country, or winning […]

Gary Nicol’s Winter Putting Training: Part 2

As the season, year and indeed the decade draws to a close, now is the perfect time to sit down and reflect on your golf game. Grab a notepad and pen and write down a few questions. The first and perhaps most important question could or perhaps should be: “Why do I play golf?” Take […]

Gary Nicol’s winter putting training: Part 1

While the best of the weather for 2019 may be behind us, that doesn’t mean you need to put your clubs away until the sun reappears and the mercury rises again. Yes it may be a bit damp, cold and occasionally miserable at times but that should not deter you from your quest to improve. […]

What’s the Difference Between Practising & Training?

Understanding the science behind the art of preparing for golf can help you use your precious time more effectively There can be no other sport where so much effort in practice goes so unrewarded in the game itself. Many golfers spend their entire life working hard at their game with little to no actual progress. […]

Play to learn

As golfers should we be learning to play or playing to learn? Think back to when you first started to play golf. Where did you start and perhaps more importantly why did you start? Chances are your first ever experience of this great game was on a driving range, or if you were lucky, a […]

Can You Adjust & Adapt On The Course?

Golf is an inherently unpredictable game – how do you cope with variables from an uneven stance to a bad bounce? Imagine this for a scenario. The temperature is warm every day. The wind never blows. The only thing visible in the blue sky above is bright, golden sunshine. Every blade of emerald-green grass on […]

What Is Your Strategy For Playing Golf?

Strategy begins long before you reach the 1st tee. And it doesn’t end until after the final putt is holed Do you have a strategy for how you are going to play the golf course? By strategy, we mean have you ever actually sat down and thought about the best way for you to shoot […]

What Does A Good Shot Look Like?

Only when you have clear intention can you begin to create the shot you want to hit We create what we see. Is it possible that you could hit a good shot? Is it possible that the next shot you hit will be the best one you have ever hit in your life? What does […]

Does The Swing Create The Shot or Does the Shot Create the Swing?

Are you focussing on form at the expense of function? We are led to believe that if we make a good swing, we’ll hit a good shot. Sound familiar? The golf coaching industry and the culture it has created has led us all down that path for decades, largely without foundation or success. Our belief […]

Repetition or improvisation?

As the daylight hours shorten, just like our backswings as we get older, many golfers will be turning their attention to a winter game improvement programme.  With the aim of sorting out your swing to finally achieve more consistency at the forefront of your mind, traditionally this is when most golfers start to head for […]