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Triple Track Tuesday’s: Putting Principles

Gary Nicol has teamed up with National Club Golfer, Callaway and Odyssey’s Triple Track ball and putter technology to create a special series of putting videos. Using techniques from The Lost Art books, co-author Gary Nicol will help you look at putting in a new way. These videos are guaranteed to give all variety of […]

Thoughtful Thursday – A to Z of playing golf – ATTITUDE

In my last blog, I started my A to Z of words and concepts which I believe will be helpful in your quest to make playing golf a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. To follow on from my first piece on “ATTENTION”, I thought it would be appropriate to say a few words on “ATTITUDE”. […]

Thoughtful Thursday: ATTENTION!

In a slight departure from my normal Thoughtful Thursday musings, I have decided to challenge myself to creating an A- Z of words I find myself using to help people improve their performance. While the majority of my time is spent coaching golf, I do spend some time speaking to people in all walks of […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Goodbye Gordon

Just over a year ago, I received a phone call from my good friend and business partner Andrew Coltart at 7.30am one morning asking if I was alone and sitting down. Alarm bells! Numerous scenarios ran through my mind but nothing could have prepared me for the news Colty was about to share with me. […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Are 350 yard drives really the way forward for golf?

With the 2020 USPGA Championship at Harding Park only a few days away, the great debate relating to that question appears to be incredibly divisive. Some think it is the future of the game while others think it signifies the beginning of the end. Those who believe that modern equipment – ridiculously strong lofted irons, […]

Thoughtful Thursday: What is possible?

July 12th 2018 is a day that I will remember for a very long time. Two years have raced by since my good friend and colleague Karl Morris and I launched our first book collaboration, “The Lost Art Of Putting” at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open at Gullane, just along the road from my […]

Thoughtful Thursday: What do golfers really want?

This is a question I believe all golf clubs, coaches, club manufactures, pretty much anyone and everyone in the industry should be asking. Perhaps more importantly, as golfers, it is a question we should be asking ourselves. I have been around golf and golfers for longer than I can care to remember and have worked […]

Have golfers become more mindful since lockdown?

Am I seeing things through rose tinted glasses or do golfers appear happier than they ever were since returning to the game after lockdown? From my own personal experience, pretty much everyone I have seen or spoken to appears to have a new enthusiasm and appreciation for the the game. Virtually everyone, myself included, is […]