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What Does A Good Shot Look Like?

Only when you have clear intention can you begin to create the shot you want to hit We create what we see. Is it possible that you could hit a good shot? Is it possible that the next shot you hit will be the best one you have ever hit in your life? What does […]

Does The Swing Create The Shot or Does the Shot Create the Swing?

Are you focussing on form at the expense of function? We are led to believe that if we make a good swing, we’ll hit a good shot. Sound familiar? The golf coaching industry and the culture it has created has led us all down that path for decades, largely without foundation or success. Our belief […]

Repetition or improvisation?

As the daylight hours shorten, just like our backswings as we get older, many golfers will be turning their attention to a winter game improvement programme.  With the aim of sorting out your swing to finally achieve more consistency at the forefront of your mind, traditionally this is when most golfers start to head for […]

Manual labour or mental labour?

We have all heard, read and said that golf is all in the head more times than we could possibly count. Golf is a mental game. Perhaps Bobby Jones said it best: “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five and a half inch golf course… the space between your ears.” So why is it […]

What is your intention?

Picture this, you go for a golf lesson because you’re struggling with your game. You explain to the pro you would like to become more consistent. Your pro asks you to hit a few balls with your 7 iron, then tells you what you’re doing wrong. You might even have your swing captured on video […]

Does the swing create the shot or does the shot create the swing?

This is a question I asked to conclude my last article. For those of you who read it, what was your answer? For those of you who didn’ read it, please think about that question for a minute. I ask all the golfers I work with, regardless of their current playing ability and experience in […]

Challenge the culture of coaching and learn to play golf again

All too often I hear of golf clubs closing down and participation numbers being in decline. But why is this happening? There are numerous reasons but one of the main culprits is slow play. Golf takes too long to play. Five hour rounds are apparently the norm in today’s world. As a junior golfer, if […]

The future looks bright. Different but bright.

While the summer of 2019 may not quite have matched up to last year’s heatwave, there have still been enough sunny days to inspire optimism. It would appear that every time Karl Morris makes the trip north from Manchester to Archerfield, he is greeted by East Lothian sunshine. Last week was no exception. Karl had […]

TLAOP – One year on

A little over a year ago, we launched The Lost Art Of Putting at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open at Gullane. At the time, we had no idea what kind of response the book would receive, what kind of impact it might have or if we would actually sell any copies! In fact, we […]

Goodbye Gordon

As I sit here writing what I hope will be a fitting tribute, I am literally holding back my tears. Gordon Brand junior was a very fine golfer who won 8 European Tour titles, 2 Senior, now Staysure Tour titles and played on 2 Ryder Cup teams in 1987 and 1989. If you want to […]