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Thoughtful Thursday: What do golfers really want?

This is a question I believe all golf clubs, coaches, club manufactures, pretty much anyone and everyone in the industry should be asking. Perhaps more importantly, as golfers, it is a question we should be asking ourselves. I have been around golf and golfers for longer than I can care to remember and have worked […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Have golfers become more mindful since lockdown?

Am I seeing things through rose tinted glasses or do golfers appear happier than they ever were since returning to the game after lockdown? From my own personal experience, pretty much everyone I have seen or spoken to appears to have a new enthusiasm and appreciation for the the game. Virtually everyone, myself included, is […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Golf courses are ready for play, are you?

While we have all been desperate to get back out on to golf courses around the world, please think about the above question. Most of us have been doing as advised and staying at home for the best part of the last 10 weeks. That is not necessarily the case for green keepers, some of […]

Thoughtful Thursday: What does golf mean to you?

As it stands, golf is still not allowed in Scotland, which incidentally is not going down at all well up here on the whole. Sitting here in Scotland, the Home of Golf, watching with envy as the vast majority of the rest of the world get back out playing the game we all love, I […]

Are we asking good questions?

What would make you a happier, more complete, more satisfied golfer, or person for that matter? Pretty much every golfer I have met over the last thirty plus years of coaching wants to play better golf, shoot lower scores and enjoy their time on the golf course. They all have different motivating factors, from beating […]

Let’s play golf….soon

40 years ago, Chevy Chase uttered the immortal words “Let’s play golf” in the classic golf movie Caddyshack. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before these words are echoed on golf courses around the world when we are finally allowed back out to play the game we have all missed so much during this […]

Visualisation, a closer look

At the time of writing, the UK is in virtual lockdown as we hope to limit the spread of this dreadful virus that has gripped the world. Golf courses and driving ranges are closed and I personally believe that is absolutely the right thing to do, social distancing is not to be taken lightly. However, […]