What is your skid and roll ratio?

improve your putting
How can Trackman performance software help you improve your putting? Gary Nicol is joined by Trackman expert Matt Wiley at Archerfield Links to talk through a few of the parameters that will help you improve on the greens.

The first aspect they look at is skid and roll.

Skid and roll numbers can vary massively and this will result in the distance the ball travels also varying quite a lot.

If you have too much skid on a putt you are more often then not going to see your ball coming up short. Having a higher roll percentage will usually give you a more consistent distance.

Below are two examples of putts that have huge variation in the skid and roll numbers.

The first showing the on a 35 foot putt Gary’s ball skidded 55 inches, which is extremely high. The ball only rolled for 84% of the putt which meant that Gary was struggling to keep control of the ball.

The second putt was a lot better. Gary almost halved the skid distance and he upped the roll percentage by 6%. This allowed Gary to keep the ball under more control and make a better putt.

The Trackman putting performance software is there so you don’t have to guess. Knowing what numbers your putts are generating is key to learning what you need to improve.

If you’d like to learn more about how Trackman can help your putting there’s a section in the book The Lost Art of Putting, by Gary and Karl Morris, which is available on Amazon.

The Lost Art of Putting

The Lost Art of Putting, by Karl Morris and Gary Nicol and featuring a foreword from 1999 Open champion Paul Lawrie, is available in hardback and for Kindle from Amazon in the UK and US.