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Golf is good for business

We all play golf for different reasons. Some like the challenges this great game provides, both mental and physical. Others appreciate the health benefits and the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors in good company. The feel of a well struck drive. The sound of a sweetly struck iron shot. The sense of […]

Max Homa – Relentless

With more and more statistics available than ever before, we now know that the age old cliche “Drive for show and putt for dough” doesn’t always ring true but sometimes it does. The way the modern game is played, the players who tend to drive the ball long and (relatively) straight and hit their wedges […]

Creativity is liberating

Is your aim and intention to improve your putting stroke or to hole more putts? As far back as I can remember, I have always been told that if we improve our stroke, we will hole more putts. One creates the other. Cause and effect. However, I would question the sequence of that or any […]

New season, new putter?

Every winter we always make the same statements. Must get the clubs out the garage again and head to the driving range. Must play more next year. Must play better next year. Must putt better next year. Must buy a new putter in order to putt better next year. We often talk to our students […]

Is what we see really what we get?

Do you love watching the world’s best players on TV most weekends? What do you enjoy most, watching their swings or the shots they create? Historically, we have been encouraged to watch players swings by commentators as dissecting a swing and exposing why the ball went long, short, left or right, gave the men with […]

It’s time to take action

How many times have you read a magazine article or watched a YouTube video and thought, “That’s what I need to do.”? You read or watch it again and again and subconsciously think that merely by observing and absorbing that information you will be transformed into the golfer you deserve to be. If fitness and […]

Why does the putter always get the blame?

How many putters do you or have you owned? How often do you change your putter? Why does the putter always get the blame? Many years ago when I was a teenager who “needed” a new Ping Anser to transform my putting, my late father informed me that the issue in fact lay “With the […]

Work on creating good putts and watch your stroke improve

Training aids are all very well, argues The Lost Art of Putting author Gary Nicol, but not if they become a crutch denied to you when you step out on the course. What does your current putting practice regime look like and are you sure it is helping you to hole more putts on the […]

How trusting his technique has transformed McIlroy’s putting

What can you say about Rory McIlroy the hasn’t been said before? His ball striking is off the charts. He is arguably the best driver of the golf ball in the modern game. When he plays his best, he is virtually untouchable. His recent run of form has been incredible! Over the last six weeks, […]

Improve your putting with this ladder drill

Gary Nicol and Karl Morris are co-authors of the best-selling book The Lost Art Of Putting, so who better to give us some putting tips? This time, they show us a drill that involves just a few tees… Putting tips: The ladder drill The ladder drill involves a handful of tees and will help you […]