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Does the ball roll at a constant speed when putting?

What are your initial thoughts when stood over a putt? If you are focusing on the start line we would strongly advise that you rethink that strategy. Gary Nicol is on hand to explain how to improve your putting, with the help of Trackman Performance software. “If you focus on the last few feet of […]

Why it’s so important to hit your putts out the centre

How much do off-centre strikes with your putter affect the roll? We join Gary Nicol up at Archerfield for some putting tips using Trackman software to validate the data. “What do you use an alignment aid on your putter for? Many amateurs use the alignment aid to simply line up the ball, but forget that […]

Where do you look to find out the contours of a green?

We’ve all the seen or played with the guy who looks at every putt from every angle right? What is he looking for? Basically, clues that will lead him to make a decision on how hard to hit his putt and what line to hit it on. Line and pace.  We don’t recommend that you study every putt […]

Line and pace

Which is more important in putting? Think carefully about your answer. The majority of coaching, instruction and training aids, devices and gadgets tend to focus on or obsess about two things: What we as golfers need to do with our body and with our putter.   Aim and start line. We have to get the start line right. […]

Attention: Are you truly ready to putt when you stand over the ball?

Consider that the walk from your approach shot to the green is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to get lost in thought – past or future – in what may or may not be. Or it could be the opportunity to create the mental conditions to allow yourself to hole a putt. To receive the information the green is trying […]

What is your story?

How many putts have you already decided are going to miss before you even reach the green – and isn’t it about time you changed that?  A missed putt in and of itself means nothing beyond the meaning we personally attach to it.   Great putters tend to adopt a good attitude to putting. Your story […]

Get those long putts close every time with Paul Lawrie

Judging distance when putting can be a complicated part of the game. Eight time European Tour winner and former Ryder Cup star Paul Lawrie gives us a few putting tips on how to become more confident on the greens. One of the main things you need to do is put towards your target circle of 3-4 feet. […]