There is more than one way to hole a putt

Do you only see the ball going in the hole one way? We join Gary Nicol up at Archerfield Links to show you that you are limiting to yourself to just one option when putting.

Gary explains in the below visual that there is actually room for three golf balls to go in the hole at the same time depending on the pace and line.

The ball on the far right has a much slower ball speed but a different line where it drops into the hole on the right side. That is now your entry point for that specific putt.

The middle balls entry point is a little closer to the middle. It has a slightly faster ball speed and a more straight line.

The ball on the left has the fastest ball speed and with this one you are effectively taking all of the break out of the putt.

Gary adds:

“If you concentrate solely on the line you are limiting yourself to just one option. Whereas if you think more about the pace then you have three different ways the ball can go in the hole.

Concentrating just on the line will mean if you are just a centimetre off the ball won’t drop.”

Watch the video at the top of the page for Gary’s full explanation.