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Attention: Are you truly ready to putt when you stand over the ball?

Consider that the walk from your approach shot to the green is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to get lost in thought – past or future – in what may or may not be. Or it could be the opportunity to create the mental conditions to allow yourself to hole a putt. To receive the information the green is trying […]

What is your story?

How many putts have you already decided are going to miss before you even reach the green – and isn’t it about time you changed that?  A missed putt in and of itself means nothing beyond the meaning we personally attach to it.   Great putters tend to adopt a good attitude to putting. Your story […]

Get those long putts close every time with Paul Lawrie

Judging distance when putting can be a complicated part of the game. Eight time European Tour winner and former Ryder Cup star Paul Lawrie gives us a few putting tips on how to become more confident on the greens. One of the main things you need to do is put towards your target circle of 3-4 feet. […]

Hole those short putts every time with Paul Lawrie

Are you struggling when you leave yourself a four-footer? Need some short putt tips? Eight-time European Tour winner and former Ryder Cup star Paul Lawrie gives us a few tips on how to become more confident on the greens. Watch the video above for Lawrie’s advice on nailing those tricky ones every time…