It’s time to take action

How many times have you read a magazine article or watched a YouTube video and thought, “That’s what I need to do.”?

You read or watch it again and again and subconsciously think that merely by observing and absorbing that information you will be transformed into the golfer you deserve to be.

If fitness and lifting weights is your thing, do you believe that your biceps will start stressing the seems of your t-shirt by watching videos of bodybuilders training at the gym? Of course not. That would be a ridiculous concept.

You may learn the hows and whys but until you take action, no visible or measurable change or improvement will occur. Those sleeves will continue to remain stress free. It doesn’t happen by osmosis.

We’ve all watched videos of great putters holing putts to win tournaments,  observed their stance and stroke and thought “All I have to do is stand and stoke it like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose or Francesco Molinari and I too could putt like a Major Champion.” Really?

Yes it is possible you could try to copy their style or technique in your imagination but until you drag yourself out onto the putting green and start holing putts, your pipe dream will remain just that, a pipe dream.

You get your golf shoes on, get all your gadgets and alignment aids out, take the cover off your putter and head to the putting green with a sleeve of shiny new Prov1s and a new sense of purpose.

Today is the day you will become a great putter, just like the guys in the videos. Only they didn’t have any alignments aids or gadgets on the 18th green and I’m pretty sure they only had one ball, one opportunity and one intention, to get the ball to disappear when they holed that winning putt.

So many instruction manuals, articles and videos tell you what you and your putter should do but more often than not, they forget to mention the most important aspect of any putt, or any golf shot for that matter, the golf ball.

In the best selling book “The Lost Art Of Putting”, Karl Morris and I encourage you to look at putting slightly differently to the way you have until now. We suggest you pay less attention to what you and your putter need to do and pay more attention to what your golf ball needs to do.

After all, we are trying to get the ball into the hole, not you or your putter.

Through a series of simple but highly effective concepts, principles and training exercises, The Lost Art Of Putting will help you reconnect with the artistic and creative part of your brain that has become numb through information overload and the futile search of perfection.

We hope you enjoy the book but until you take action and get himself out onto the putting green with your putter and a golf ball, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.

Take action and explore The Lost Art of Golf website.