Thoughtful Thursday: The Power Of Three – Intention, Attention and Attitude

It can be enormously satisfying to set a goal, work towards it and ultimately see it through to completion. If you take the appropriate action.

Goals or ambitions come in all shapes and sizes in our personal and professional lives and from my experience, achievement of any goal is down to three keywords or concepts.

INTENTION, ATTENTION and ATTITUDE. For me, these are the three key Performance Principles, whatever your endeavour.

Without a crystal clear INTENTION, you have no start or finish line. Intention is an aim or a plan and will act not only as the thing that clarifies what it is you want to achieve, it will provide you with the motivation to take the first step. 

Once you have clarity of intention, you now have somewhere to place your ATTENTION. We have all been told at certain times in our lives to pay attention to what we are doing but what does that actually mean? Attention is basically the action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something.

ATTITUDE is a way of feeling or acting towards a person, thing or situation. A bad attitude is like a flat tyre. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.
These three keywords have been at the forefront of the thinking of Karl Morris and I since we set out to write our first book, The Lost Art Of Putting in early 2018. 

Armed initially with good old-fashioned notebooks and pens, Karl and I started writing down our collective thoughts and ideas. After a while, these started to make sense and form the chapter titles and content.

Almost four years down the line, Karl and I have now completed three books in The Lost Art series, something we are very proud of. We are not just proud of the fact the books have been extremely well received by the golf community around the world but perhaps more importantly that we achieved what we set out to do.

It wasn’t always plain sailing. We both experienced days when we would sit in front of our respective laptops, staring at blank screens and the words quite simply failed to appear. On the flip side, there were days when the aim was to write 1000 words and four hours later we had written 2 or 3000 words.

While our intention remained the same, to create books that would help golfers of all standards to play better golf and have more fun in the process, our attention was on what we needed to do and our attitude was one where we always believed it was possible, not every writing session turned out the same. We stuck to our process, knowing that if we did so, we would ultimately achieve what we set out to do.

A bit like a round of golf, a day or week at work or at home.

We had a goal and thankfully were disciplined enough to see it through, largely down to our INTENTION, ATTENTION AND ATTITUDE, something we strongly believe that can and should be applied to whatever you set out to achieve in your life.

To see your hard work actually turn into something tangible like a book or in our case three books, The Lost Art Of Putting, The Lost Art Of Playing Golf and The Lost Art Of The Short Game, is extremely satisfying and gratifying.

To top it all off, we now have a special edition box set of The Lost Art Of Golf Collection which is now available on our website and are also available in the UK on Amazon.

Until next time, be grateful for and enjoy every opportunity to do what makes you happy and be very clear on your INTENTION, where you place your ATTENTION and approach them with the ATTITUDE that whatever it is you want to achieve, it is possible.