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The Golf Improvement Podcast

Gary Nicol and Karl Morris joined The Golf Improvement Podcast to talk about why they decided to write this third book in what has been a very successful “Lost Art” book series. Click here to listen

How can you transform your bunker play?

Let’s begin the journey of transforming the way you approach shots from the sand  Without getting overly technical, we believe there are a few basic fundamentals that should be applied to achieve bunker brilliance. There are no absolutes as everyone is different but having studied and spoken to some of the best bunker players ever, there are definitely […]

Is technical mastery of the short game a pre-requisite?

A task is a piece of work to be done or undertaken, while technique is a specific way of carrying out a task  When you are faced with a shot around the green, whether that be a shot that requires less than a full swing, a pitch over a bunker or water, a chip and run […]

What is the lost art of the short game?

How we have gradually lost sight of what really matters most when we play golf  There is a school of thought that suggests hitting the ball further off the tee automatically makes the game easier by resulting in shorter clubs for approach shots into greens. Unfortunately, the quest for greater distance can and often does […]

Thoughtful Thursday: The long wait is almost over

When the UK went into lockdown once again shortly after Christmas 2020, I knew I was going to be in for a tough few months. No coaching meant no income. Not something I was particularly looking forward to. It would have been all too easy to find reasons not to do anything at all but […]

Triple Track Tuesday: How to ‘draw a line’ to hole more putts

Gary Nicol has teamed up with National Club Golfer, Callaway and Odyssey’s Triple Track ball and putter technology to create a special series of putting videos. Using techniques from The Lost Art books, co-author Gary Nicol will help you look at putting in a new way. These videos are guaranteed to give all variety of […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Artistry versus analytics

Anyone who is even remotely interested in golf will no doubt be well aware of what is happening at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin this weekend. THE RYDER CUP. The Ryder Cup, three words that mean so much to so many. Over the last 30 years, this event has become not only the greatest show in […]