The Lost Art of Golf Collection

By Gary Nicol and Karl Morris

Combine all three books from The Lost Art of Golf series and receive a special edition Trilogy case.

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“Great reads. Books not just about improving your score but your relationship with the game itself. Reconnect with the game you fell in love with in the first place.”Sir Alex Ferguson.

“With putting, you have to have some basics correct, that goes without saying… but there’s a huge art in it as well. There’s touch and feel as well as mechanics. ‘The Lost Art Of Putting’ is all about that…. Get the book and enjoy it and have fun.”Darren Clarke, 2011 Open Champion, Ryder Cup player and Captain.
“If you want to improve your golf, then do yourself a favour and buy ‘The Lost Art’ books. They are great reads and I know they will help a lot.”Andrew Coltart, Ryder Cup player and Sky Sports Commentator.

The Lost Art of Putting

With a foreword from the 1999 Open champion Paul Lawrie

Does the stroke create the putt or does the putt create the stroke?

To be child-like is to have a simple fascination in getting the ball into the hole and to love the task of doing so.

To be childish is to expect a certain outcome will come your way, that you deserve to hole the putt or that you shouldn’t miss from a certain distance.

The Lost Art of Putting will help you become more child-like on the greens and less childish.

The perspective and concepts they share with you in this book have the potential to liberate you so that you can experience what you are truly capable of on the greens.

The Lost Art of Playing Golf

With a foreword from Rudy Duran, Tiger Woods’ first coach.

Does the swing create the shot or does the shot create the swing?

With The Lost Art of Playing Golf, Gary Nicol and Karl Morris have once again written an absolute gem to help you on your journey to becoming the best possible version of you as a golfer. Clarity not clutter.

The Lost Art of the Short Game

With a foreword from Bob Vokey, the godfather of wedges.

The Lost Art of the Short Game will change the way you think about chipping, pitching, and bunker play. It will help you to embrace the challenge and relish the opportunity to show your skills and touch.

This book has the power to make you feel differently about the game as a whole by freeing you from the shackles you have imposed yourself on your short game.

Learn how to be liberated around the greens and therefore shoot the scores you always knew you were capable of.