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The Brain Booster – Simon Dyson

In his latest Brain Booster podcast, Karl Morris sits down with six-time European Tour winner Simon Dyson about life on tour, what it takes to win and the necessity for rest and recovery in golf. Click here to listen.

The Brainbooster – Nick Dougherty

Karl Morris was joined by former European Tour star and Sky Sports presenter Nick Dougherty on The Brain Booster podcast to discuss a variety of topics including how golf can help balance your life, his broadcasting and playing experience plus more.

What Have You Got To Be Grateful About Today?

Karl Morris on how you can fundamentally change your perception of the game of golf forever It was a wonderful spring afternoon. The ground was beginning to dry out after a harsh and wet winter and the trees looked like they were ready to start flourishing for another year. It was easy to feel the […]

Golf Smarter – Episode 700 – Karl Morris

Why is it that we introduce putting to beginning golfers we emphasize the importance of pace vs direction, but then as we continue to play better, we then get hung up on the line? This is part two on the book “The Lost Art of Putting – Introducing the Six Putting Performance Principles”. This episode’s […]